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Our Process

Our landscape design process begins with a meeting at your home to review your project at hand. We make notes regarding the needs, likes, style and requirements of you, the homeowner.

  • The area is measured and evaluated for such things as drainage, soil type and sun exposure.
  • Observations of existing elements, the surroundings and site lines are evaluated from not only outside the house but inside.
  • From the information gathered a "Landscape Plan" is drawn.

In the end, the principals of unity, balance, transition, proportion, rhythm, repetition and focalization will make your landscape design project complete.

What you can expect before you decide:

The "Landscape Plan" drawn to scale includes all particulars labeled with a proposal containing plant names, quantities and sizes and detailed specifications of all facets of the project.

  • Your project will be installed by The Design/Build/Landscape Team of Landscape Plus LLC giving you a unique and creative landscape design with superb craftsmanship. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.